Friday, August 5, 2011

Flat Felt Friday.

I am feeling a bit flat on this Friday, actually.
But that is not what this post is about.
It is about learning how to make a piece of flat felt.
Although I did not make it on a Friday, but on a Tuesday, in my mixed media class. But I am sure you won't mind.
Seeing that I am posting it on a Friday.
Okay, so that is my heading all explained.

It involves different layers of roving, some bubble wrap, Sunlight dishwashing liquid, boiling water, a tray, and a bamboo mat. Easy, hey? If you want to see real and proper and most amazing felting, look at Linda Sue's blog and shop. I can but dream only. Oh well, I think I will stick with flat for a while.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Sarah said...

Fun fun fun! It is very pretty. I was in a supermarket recently and they had really cheap sushi mats so I bought two as my ones are a bit rickety. I have not done any felty things for ages and have recently been thinking about it again. I want to make a snail with a real shell. I have the shell saved and washed all ready so will do it soon!

L'Atelier said...

oh i love your result!
i always wanted to learn felting...maybe one day
happy weekend

Linda Sue said...

Felting is so easy isn't it! It just does it by itself really- You may want to try merino rovings for a super soft drape-able thing. Wet felting is satisfying and gets your hands really clean- needle felting is more my thing because of it's sculptural quality. Wet felting can be tricky and sometimes one must think- I am not good at that part of it.

Anonymous said...

Wet felting is very good for toning the arms!! I love the colours in your piece - I look forward to seeing more.

aimee said...

flat is good -- i think it turned out great! you could make a wall hanging out of them if you make enough pieces. and yes, i love linda sue's felting too!