Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Thought I'd show you what I made from my piece of flat felt (apart from the leftover bits I used in my collage.)
A lollipop flower brooch.

(In an attempt to aesthetically mirror life's little setbacks, the right-hand leaf has been specially formed to portray a leaf the morning after a snail chomped through it. Okay, no, I am lying. That is the only bit of felt I had left with some green in it.)
Have a flowery day, everyone. I have a battle to fight, so I think I will put on my brooch for some much-needed flower power.


Sarah said...

Very pretty! Hope your battle goes well!

Leenie said...

The felting and the flower turned out very well. I like the rustic background in your photo too. Such a creation should give you extra strength and energy force for that battle.

Linda Sue said...

Oh I so wish I could do battle with you! I would chop them off at the knee- I am short- you could deal with their head- we could be fierce! And we would YELL!
Nice little posey brooch! I see that is has powers...It may stop a bullet- wear it over your heart!

Anonymous said...

I love your brooch - I hope it brings you success in your battle!!

Monica said...

so sweet!