Friday, September 2, 2011


I learnt how to do a very basic type of momigami here.
I prefer using oil rather than water, as it makes the paper soft and pliable. These pieces are made from the pages in a homeware advertising catalogue. The results are quite pretty - I may use it in a collage in my art journal, or maybe stitch it into a new fabric piece.

 Have a great weekend, dear friends. Go and knead some paper!


Leenie said...

Fun stuff. I like the texture and the blend of colors. Kneading paper would be a good way to get your hands into squishy stuff with good results. Hope your weekend goes well too.

Linda Sue said...

I am not familiar with this process and i would like very much to be- could you drop by tomorrow afternoon and show me, please?
I love the effect! I think it would make a nice sun hat.