Thursday, September 15, 2011

Black and White.

Synchronicity is a wonderful thing. I bought some black beans a year ago, just because they looked so beautiful and shiny and black in their plastic packet. And black is my favourite colour, as you know. Not having had them before, and having no idea what to make with them, they languished in the cupboard.  So earlier this week I spotted the packet, lying lonely and sad and unused, and was wondering what to do with them. And I swear, that very same day I saw a recipe in a magazine for Moros y Cristianos, a traditional Cuban dish. The recipe also had chorizo as an ingredient (although this is not traditional) and I just happened to have a nice fat piece of chorizo in the fridge.

(Black beans, rice, onion, tomato, chilli, garlic, bayleaf, oregano, crushed caraway seeds and chorizo).
It was meant to be, and it was goooooooood ...
My picture, having been taken at night with a flash, and while it was still bubbling away on the stove, really does not do it justice.


Leenie said...

YUM! Black and white food with a Cuban twist. I'll be right over to enjoy the left-overs.

Linda Sue said...

Correct- the photo does not do it justice...I thought it was the result of Snous upset tummy at first.

Anonymous said...

It looks good to me! We seem to be going through a spell of hearing/reading about something, then finding another reference to it the next day!!
Have a wonderful weekend!