Monday, September 26, 2011

Three boys.

Mr Darning Foot has been busy again.

Yes, I know the last one doesn't really look like a boy, but it is. And there are now six boys. But they are all going to be put together in an interesting way, fear not.
(Lesson: Never work on stretchy material.)


Leenie said...

It always amazes me how you can come up with new and clever ways to create. Like them all.

I remember how much the ladies who ran the hat embroidery machines where I worked would curse about the stretchy fabric.

Linda Sue said...

That is why I stay away from machines and stretchy fabric- I can not be trusted with either- You have made a most interesting batch of boys!
Were your ears ringing yesterday? If so it is because some people came to my studio and loved your paper birds handing there in the doorway, greeting cheerfully anyone who comes in...I raved a bit- so that is what the problem with your ears ringing was..
Stella was there also - she knows you through your blog and your comments on mine and Leenie's- Stella loves you, too.

Anonymous said...

You can get stabiliser which you back the fabric with - after sewing it tears off.
I love your boys - although the third one is a bit scary!

Linda Sue said...

Boy number three met with some danger looks like...He is trying to forget, looks like...he is rather in a funk, looks like...I relate to boy number three quite well.

aimee said...

i like your stretchy boys! the 'give' in the fabric lends mysterious and interesting shadows to their looks.

Linda Sue said...

Come out and play!
Do not edit!
Do not do the dishes-
do not tidy up
Come out and play!
We miss you when you work....
Selfish me,