Monday, November 14, 2011

And this is the end.

Not quite, though. I still have about 40 words to go. 
I am embroidering part of a poem by Billy Collins. 

"And this is the end,
the car running out of road,
the river losing its name in an ocean,
the long nose of the photographed horse
touching the white electronic line.
This is the colophon, the last elephant in the parade,

the empty wheelchair, and pigeons floating down in the evening.
Here the stage is littered with bodies,
the narrator leads the characters to their cells,
and the climbers are in their graves.
It is me hitting the period
and you closing the book."
                                                                  (from Aristotle by Billy Collins)


Sarah said...

Interesting and meditative to do I would think. I like the way you have left the threads at the edges. Good poem!

Linda Sue said...

Well blow my mind a whole lot Ms. Anairam! This sewn book is astonishing and I do love the poem so much!
You are the clever one!

Leenie said...

Very profound poetry. Very interesting book treatment.

aimee said...

Oh my goodness, this is amazing! You make me want to sew paper! This had to take an extraordinary amount of patience. Super well done!

Anonymous said...

You always manage to amaze me with your creative ideas!!

penelope said...

i love sewn paper, but i've never seen a book done like this. sculptural and poetic!