Friday, November 25, 2011

Dear Mr Covey.

At the Library Book Sale, I found this delightful little book:

Full of examples, instructions and admonishments on the art of letter writing (by ladies), it makes me want to take up my pen. I mean, I would just love to write an official letter, and end it with:
I have the honour to remain, Sir, Your most humble and obedient servant.
Here are two examples in the section on accepting and declining invitations. The first is the model letter for Declining an Invitation from a Gentleman to go Motoring. The second is for Declining an Unwelcome Invitation.

Poor Mr Covey.

Have a lovely weekend, all. 
PS Some good news - my work is finished for the year. Six projects in total - all DONE. Yippeee! I am free, free as a bird ...


Le 'usband said...

Dear Mrs Blogeuse,

Herewith I humbly request that you accompany me for a day's ride in my automobile. If you permit, I will bring a picnic basket and champagne.

I will not dwell on my reasons for making this most earnest request - they must be obvious to you.

I have the honour to remain, Madam, Your most humble and obedient servant,


Anonymous said...

I hope you penned an immediate response to such a beautiful invitation! Enjoy all your free time - I am sure you will spend it being creative and crafty!
When I worked in an office way back in the 70's, I wrote formal letters with lots of 'I shoulds, if you woulds'

Linda Sue said...

Dear Ms. Anairam,
I beseech thee to frolic with me sometime in the future, preferably where the sun does shine and the lilies gather. Perhaps in London in May?
I remain, your everlasting longing love slave,
Ps, If thou dost decline my sincere invitation, there will be created a sadness in my heart which surly will sour my disposition . I do not intend to press the issue further.

Elisabeth said...

What a find. I came here via your comment on All I Ever Wanted's blog, intrigued by your phraseology. Now I know why. For a minute there I thought you might be a nutter or a spammer. That way of writing seems so archaic these days. Too too polite, but a treat when you know it's tongue in cheek.

I'm pleased to meet you.

nathalie et cetera said...

Le usband is too much! Love him! - if you don't mind :)

Mr Covey should look elsewhere...

Enjoy your time off and your car ride!

Leenie said...

I echo nathalie. And yipeee for the freedom!