Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hope #1

My mixed media art teacher is in the United States at the moment - collecting inspiration and ideas and all kinds of lovely things for her students. Before she left, she gave each of us a homework project. Mine is to make a book using fabric and stitching, with Emily Dickinson's famous poem about Hope as starting point. After reading and researching for a bit, I decided to use the Pandora's Box story as the central theme.

Page 1: Pandora - the all-gifted - desired the one thing she was not given by the gods, knowledge,  to know things, oh, how she wanted to knowShe did not understand then that knowledge would bring with it the distinction between good and evil.

Pandora (cotton, mesh, fabric offcuts, embroidery thread, photocopy, vilene) 


Linda Sue said...

uh- oh Looks like we be headin' fo some trouble!!!

Leenie said...

Yes, be careful what you wish for.

But I do like what you've done with your homework.