Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Art class homework.

I went to a mixed media art class yesterday. It was great fun. My art teacher was wonderful and inspirational. What was not such great fun is that I was given homework. At school I was an ace at homework. I always did my homework and  followed instructions to the letter and always got top marks for my efforts. Anyhow, because I do not know how to work with colour (by my own admission) I was given lots & lots of tiny coloured fabric rectangles and told to go home and arrange them on small squares of paper in pleasing combinations. So how did I end up making this?

 Lots and lots of bunting - stitched carefully by me onto suede string. With my sewing machine.

Ain't my art teacher gonna get a surprise? Hahahahaha!


Leenie said...

Anairam--it looks like you've got that assignment completed in fine style. Your art teacher should be impressed. Hehe

I promise when you make it here all the way from S. Africa that I won't ask you to go riding with me. I hate cycling in traffic too. I hate WALKING in traffic. If there weren't some quiet back roads nearby in the morning I'd probably not ride much either.

Le 'usband said...

Have sewing machine: Gotta sew!

Anonymous said...

Oh you little rebel you!! Love the bunting!!

L'Atelier said...

i am sure your art teacher is going to love it!!! its creative freedom explored--- the paper is in your mind, hence abstract
well anyhow i think the TEACHER should love it- because i really really do

nathalie et cetera said...

he he ! i find them to be very pleasing!