Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bag it.

I usually dress in black or charcoal or brown. But when I go grocery-shopping, I need a bit of colour to make the experience more interesting. I have a load of colourful reusable grocery bags from Woollies - in lime, pink, sky blue, orange, red and (how did you guess?) brown and black.

I used a bit of leftover felt to decorate this one.

(The design is not my own unfortunately; I adapted it from a picture I had cut out of a magazine.)


Linda Sue said...

i LOVE how you dressed up your shopping bag! Mine are so utterly dismal. I do have one that is all covered in bright red poppies- I always reach for that one first! Makes shopping not quite such a chore.

Leenie said...

Your bags are extra fun and creative. I very much like them.

Reusable shopping bags is a place I will have to go. Our town is being overrun with those flighty white plastic bags. I use ours to line trash cans, hold yucchy stuff like ick from Thomas's litter box and gross garbage, but we still have a plethora.

If I start using them, they'll have to be easy to wash. I've seen what happens to food carried in ones that aren't clean.

Charlot of Dreamaginarius said...

Love your baggie makeover!! Great job :)

Anonymous said...

Love your bag decoration! I keep lots of reusable bags in the car, but if I do have to have a carrier bag, it always gets recylcled.

tjoekie said...

Beautiful suzi! Ek's mal daaroor en gee my inspirasie om die plastieksakke vaarwel toe te roep!

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