Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I made a small A5 fabric book to contain all the experiments I carried out for my first mixed media session. Here are some pages:

Transfers with transfer glaze; stitching, and a nappy liner applique..

My first attempt at drawing something with my sewing machine.

Colour experiment with fabric squares, gauze, netting, fused to black nylon felting and then zapped with a heat gun. Quite hideous. If I try it again I will do it sans colour.

 Experimenting with drawing tools and seeing which ones will take a wash.

Stitched teabags as a surface.


Linda Sue said...

I do love these! Very mucho much!Especially the second photo of the girl's face- SO COOL! Great ideas for my winter projects- IF I get my machine working...might cost too much. I love the idea of sewing on napkins and tea bags and making a drawing- You are the BEST re-purposer EVER!

Leenie said...

I agree with Linda Sue. What you do with common objects is amazing. All so unique and interesting. My fav is the second picture too. I also like the drawing tool experiments. Even when the ink runs it turns out great.

frayedattheedge said...

I've never thought of stitching on teabags!! I love your work!

editor of that blog said...

Everything you do feels very very free, the results of a curious and playful mind. It's inspiring. Thank you for sharing these.

nathalie et cetera said...

this is great! it seems you came out of your big gig with your creativity intact. makes me want to take out my sweing machine and bleach!

aimee said...

this post gives me such stitchy envy! i don't sew but i am crazy in love with others' creations -- i especially love to look at freeform stitching and sewn paper. the teabags look almost like leather... wow. amazing! great work!