Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A White Dog & A White Horse.

A few weeks ago we took Snous to view Kevin Brand's new public sculpture installation on Sea Point Promenade. While I was trying to get Snous to pose with one of the white horses (there are five), L'Usband snapped this picture.


Snous was not too keen to pose, it has to be said. Perhaps she was afraid that she was going to have to wear a metal vuvuzela up her backside, like the poor horse. The horses are connected via underground pipes so you can speak into the mouthpiece of one horse and listen at the tail-end of another.
(For more information on the background of the installation, read here.)


frayedattheedge said...

Wow - is that finally a photo of you - any others I have seen you have cut off the interesting bits - eg your face!! I wouldn't want a vuvuzela inserted there either!!

Leenie said...

Hellooo Anairam. Glad you finally got into the picture. Snous does look a little concerned about what is going on.

I find Mr. Brand's "art" a little odd, but one of the purposes of art is to show things in new way. Although getting information from a horse's rear end sounds a lot like attending a political rally.

Linda Sue said...

Oh GAWD I love this photo for so many reasons- I get to see the entire long version of you and of Snous looking especially perky, Dexter is swooning- I would love to holler into the backside of a horse and listen through it's mouth- how very clever!I LOVE love love love what you are wearing- you look like an uptown girl! Thanks for this photo- it is GREAT!

Linda Sue said...

"Up town " girl is one of style and quality!Only the finest will do for she.

Sarah said...

Likewise-in that it is noce to see a photo of you! That horse is a strange thing and I can see why Snous might be suspicious! It would make a good shadow shot Sunday photo.