Saturday, July 9, 2011


About 6 weeks ago I attended a book-making workshop, where we learnt to put together this triangular book. Triangles have never been one of my favourite shapes - they seems so sharp and pointy. An unfriendly shape.

But I have to admit that as a book, it is rather lovely. Or maybe it is just the way the pages unfold from the centre that has captivated me. I haven't filled its pages yet, but I am thinking of using it for a selection of the quotes that I collect, or perhaps poems.

(The paper for the end covers was given to me by a lovely and generous friend.)

Have a great weekend, everyone. Make a book, or read one, or write one!


Celia said...

very appealing.

Sarah said...

I like that-very clever folding. Funnily enough we had a book making staff meeting recently, and even more strangely I had just made a book the week before. Mine is a rectangular one though!

Leenie said...

That is a clever and beautiful bit of paper folding. I like the design too. Hope you show us what it looks like later when you've put some things inside.

Le 'usband said...

Said the Triangle to the Square:
"I'm sharp and I have flair!"

Said the Square to the Triangle:
"I may lack flair, but there's another angle!"