Wednesday, November 2, 2011



  1. A person who claims an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge.
  2. A person with an amateur interest in the arts
Dilettante has such a negative meaning. Yet I have always considered myself a bit of a dilettante. I can be brutally honest when I need to.
I dabble.
I dabble without commitment or knowledge. This to me is not a bad thing. After all, how am I to discover my passion if I do not dabble first? How am I to learn something if I do not not know it first?
I find many things along the way. I see no reason to commit myself to any one of them.

So when I happened upon a site called superdilettante, and saw that she created zines, well, enough said. My two zines arrived last week. They are pretty damn amazing.

(Finders Keepers & The Indifference of Places, by Carolee G Wheeler)

PS Maybe one day I will find that ONE thing. Who knows?
In the meantime: Dilettantes, unite!


Linda Sue said...

I am SO right there with you! I fail to take anything seriously and I NEVER call myself "artist" That way I don't have to justify what I do- I call it dinking around, playing, attempting- that sort of thing.
Thanks for the comment re: Erik's feminazi experience- he is so fed up with it he wants to send them all back into the kitchen to make him a pie or knit him a sweater- just brings out the devil...There are REAL issues all over the world for women and this cry baby stupid demanding behaviour misses the point so entirely! Which is a prime example of why women should NOT run the world- there'll be no bunny hugging!
Loving the Zines! would like to devour them.
Also your previous post- EXCELLENT- I am so envious!

Leenie said...

Staying with just one thing, even if you enjoy it, would be like trying vanilla ice cream and, since you found it good, to never try another flavor. Like Linda Sue says, dinking, playing, attempting if that makes a dilettante so be it. Self proclaimed artists are so full of themselves, anyway. Your zines are superb.

Sarah said...

Me too! Linda Sue and Leenie have said it all better than I can and I agree with all of you! The zines look great.

Le 'usband said...

L'usband wéét La Blogeuse is nie 'n dilly tante nie!

L'usband knows La Blogeuse is not a dilly aunty!