Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vessel #3 revisited.

I made two of these jute string bowls. I battled to remove the shiny residue left over in the holes, and gave up after various efforts. So I decided to rather weave through the holes. I used black and white "size" ribbon, and the bowls are now called 28" and 33". Great additions to my Wonky series, don't you think?


Sarah said...

I like their simplicity and crookedness. Are they quite wabi sabi do you think> I read that book that you recommended on this ages ago and these make me think of it.

Linda Sue said...

I would wear these! They are awesome and I love them!

aimee said...

not only do i love the reworked pieces (wonky is always better in my book), i am absolutely taken with the word "vessel" -- it evokes a much stronger, deeper, complex feeling than the word "bowl". me like!