Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vessel #8.

A quick experiment with cotton gauze. 

Cotton gauze layers with fabric threads suspended between the layers. Stiffened with wall paper glue. It has an organic look to it, and I think one can play with that. This one holds a few favourite semi-precious stones on my bedside table.

I am planning to make a few more, but this time using fabric strips, felt and paper ephemera 
between the layers of gauze. Also, I have experimented with dyeing the gauze to get some interesting effects. 


Sarah said...

You? Lazy! Ha ha! Love the cotton gauze vessel-very ethereal looking.

Linda Sue said...

Every time you post a vessel I think "AHHH This is my favorite!"
And then you post another and I say "NO! THIS is my favorite!"
But really THIS is my favorite!
I think that you would find using gut most satisfying- it is so cool! It comes in a frozen block of salt water so you do not have to thaw all of it at once. Keep it in a bucket of water when you are using it. split it down the side to make a flat usable sheet and wind it around stuff...It smells like a wet dog that has been in the bog...but a mask with lavender oil on it can quell that queasiness. It really didn't bother me at all- I just kept thinking there was a big dog in the room. Cattle gut is the best- (cat gut- which is not really from cats) but Pig gut and sheep gut probably easier to obtain.- It is so versatile you will love it!

Nicky Linzey said...

Love this - you've inspired me to have a go. Well - you're always inspiring me with the beautiful things you make!