Friday, September 21, 2012

Vessel(s) #10.

Pinch pots made from black clay. I was quite disappointed when they came out of the kiln after glazing. What I had thought was going to be a beautiful light sea-green glaze, turned almost black, with a few dark-green tinges. In the photo below it looks more blue, but trust me, it is dark green and black.

I stamped the inside with a Tibetan stamp of a flower. Well, that is according to the lady who sold me the stamp. For all I know it may be Indian or Chinese. And maybe it is not a flower but something much more sinister. Anyway.

They are kind of starting to grow on me. Slowly.


krisha said...

Love the glaze! Hows spring coming? We are settling into autumn here, on the sunny side of the north pole.
We wish we could come back for a visit to the western cape again this year, but pesky things like bills has come in my way...
Have a great weekend

Linda Sue said...

They look very organic and i really like them. Never know about glazes, I guess, that is part of the fun . SURPRISE! Dexter sends wags and sniffs !!!