Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Day Measured in Objects.

Another zine. At 15 random times during the day I decided to note the time and the object I was working with at that time. Quite an interesting exercise. I then made drawings (black pen) and photocopied them onto coloured paper to make the zine. It has a 5-hole sewn binding.

Some of the pages in the zine:


Other objects were: a toothbrush, a reel of cotton, a plug, and ear bud, a wine glass, a pill holder, a stapler, a pair of glasses, an apple, and a pair of scissors.


Leenie B said...

Fun look into your day. Do your always use military time instead of a.m. and p.m.? Like the metric system it makes so much more sense than the method we hang on to since that's how our own world works.

Linda Sue said...

Dearest Madam, wonderful objects, wonderful drawings and one of the best ideas ever, however my concern is this: where is your tiara, your thoroughbred horse and your everyday magic wand with which you disappear wall building neighbors and the like?
Not to mention the SNous of the queendom...perhaps those objects are too honorable to be included in the Zine of objects, Regardless, Madam, this project of yours is magnificent, admirable, and must have been very difficult to achieve while wearing white lace gloves. You are mighty! Love and scritches to little Snous.xxxxoooo

Tana Goosen said...

Jy is darem so ongelooflik oorspronklik liewe snuzi! Mal oor die sketse en natuurlik die helder kleure!