Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mixed media paintings.

A project I started with ages ago morphed into four mixed media paintings. Actually, two paintings, but each can be turned around to reveal another work at the back. It is part of the series called Matters of the Heart, which includes two etchings and a zine.


Colleen Ross said...

These look really interesting. I love the way you stay with the "theme" and push it and pull it. Not sure if you mentioned the sizes but I'm interested to know.
Great subject matter. so much potential.
hope to see them in real life.

Colleen Ross said...

My personal favourite after this quick look is the third from the top. the person with the big red cross and what looks like a thundercloud above!!!!

Tana Goosen said...

Baie oorspronklik en kreatief liewe Snuzelina!