Sunday, September 7, 2014

Live Art Festival 2014

A few photographs of some of the events at this year's Live Art Festival. (Cellphone pictures though, and taken at night ...)
Some performances were provocative, some thought-provoking, some controversial, some beautiful, some powerful, some amazing, some fun, some scary, some plain weird. But there was not a single one I would not have wanted to see.
From Eyes Closed with Piñata by Thalia Laric and Steven van Wyk:

From Apple Girl by Jill Joubert:

From Quartier Sud by Raphael Christian Etongo:

From do it by Hans Ulrich Obrist and the Independent Curators International and locally organised by Josephine Higgins:

From Eleegba (Oginrinringinrin III) by Jelili Atiku:


Colleen Ross said...

Tantalising photos! would have loved to have been at more performances. It is the endless possibilities that make live art so exciting for me: subject matter, the extent of interpretation, use of lighting, sound, dress, site. I love that it can be easily accessible and entertaining or very ambiguous and intensely personal with a myriad of variations in-between. It is the ultimate creative vehicle.

Colleen Ross said...
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