Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A while ago I discovered Gracia & Louise, and ordered three of their marvellous zines. And today I received my wonderfully clever zines all the way from Australia! Tweak, Tweaked, Tweet - with ten bird illustrations; A Vagary of Impediments - a collection of collective nouns; and A Single Thought, with thoughts that I can quite relate to, such as "Will there be any post for me when I get home?"

I already have one of tiny red's amazing zines - and recently acquired one by a young South African artist, Michael Tymbios, called "there is a flaw in eternity", so I think I now officially have A Collection! If you have produced a zine, and are selling, please let me know! Or if you have any recommendations, please point me in the right direction.
(PS I have not forgotten about my own zine project - but I think that I have to fine-tune my concept, maybe coming up with something new in the process; and I do have to look at many more zines before I create my own.)


Lady P said...

oohh ohhh - i had nnoooo idea about these - you are making me want zines, to read zines
to write zines

Sarah said...

These are lovely! I have one of the blogs on my side bar but did not know of all the other good stuff so thanks! Enjoy your zines!

aimee said...

lucky you! i'll have to get one of gracia & louise's zines one of these days - i love their work and thereza's too! your journal pages would make an excellent zine. hope you do it - i'll order one for sure!

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of zines - as soon as I leave this comment I shall go back and look at your links!
ps, Malcolm at the moment has two hand-knitted sweaters, but I doubt he'll get another for Christmas - too mant other things in the queue!!

kendalee said...

How fabulous those look! I LOVE collections (hence the challenge to declutter, which like you said, just does not seem possible for a magpie soul like mine!!!) and collective nouns - some of them are so poetic and apt. A kaleidoscope of butterflies is one of my favourites.

Hope you don't wait toooo long before publishing your first zine... I'm eagerly awaiting vol.1 of many...