Friday, January 15, 2010

The girl I used to be.

Art journal page (collage with catalogue image, drawing, magazine cutouts, paint, plastic toy).


Anonymous said...

Another wonderful piece of work! I have a drawing brewing in my head - maybe I'll bring it to fruition over the weekend!!

Linda Sue said...

This so inspires me- I love this so much! I have been clearing out a few cupboards and drawers and keep bumping into myself at a younger self. It is curious to live this long, look back, and see my life so remotely , objectively, and "used to be". I think that I will get out my pencils always move me in that direction!

kendalee said...

This is lovely! The girl I used to be is someone I wouldn't want to be again and yet, I miss her. Does that make sense?

I hope we might take those girls of ours out for a walk together on the cliffs or along a beach again later this year... :) xo

aimee said...

oh the stories we could all tell, but keep close to us, about the girls we used to be. this is such a teaser of a beautiful page because of course now i want to know more.

p.s. i love the 'plastic toy' listed in your range of mixed media - is it the palm tree?

trinsch said...

i like this. it's sweet. and sad at the same time.