Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Year's Wishes for You.

I have redone my mood board especially for the New Year. And so, dear friends, I wish for you ... (click pic to make bigger)

1. A happy and creative home (photo by Asiya of l'Atelier)
2. A comfy chair to rest in when you are weary (Humphrey Ocean)
3. The love of a good person (magazine advert, photographer unknown)
4. The courage to do what needs to be done (sculpture by Angus Taylor)
5. The means to travel - also beyond your comfort zone (Sally Chance)
6. A creative, stylish sartorial year (female festive jacket, British Museum)
7. A job that you love (Edward Hopper)
8. A view (David Bloomer)
9. A friend to grow old with (birthday card, photographer unknown)
10. Books, books, lovely books - and the time to read them (Tom Cullberg)
11. A pot of tea, a bunch of flowers & the love of a dog when you most need it (artist unknown)
12. Good food (Carol Mangiagalli)
13. A healthy body (Claudia Donaldson-Selby)
14. The ability to see beyond the obvious and below the surface of things (Brett Shuman)
15. More good hair days than bad ones (Lucy Pooler)
16. Peace. Everywhere. (schoolchildren from Cape Town and Devon)


kendalee said...

Exactly the right ingredients for a perfect life. Exactly. I have saved your lovely picture as my desktop so that it will remind me of these amazing wishes whenever I see it - thank you! And right back at you... MUCH love xx

Leenie said...

I will take your good wishes and send them back. I will also take the hope for a means to travel beyond my comfort zone and the ability to see beyone the obvious and below the surface for my own. Love the Claudia Donaldson-Selby art. AND it has been a joy getting to know you. Keep on blogging, Friend.

tjoekie said...

You really touched my heart! A lovely and special way to forward wishes! May your wishes come back to you xthree and you enjoy an exciting creative 2010!

nathalie et cetera said...

wonderful mood board. how do you come with all those ideas, i don't know. but you never cease to amaze me.
happy new year anairam!

Linda Sue said...

I will take that pot of tea and love from a dog thank you very much! Wonderful wishes- I wish that my cockatiel would be quiet, not dead necessarily, just quiet. I wish that this house would blow up- where is Al Kydda when you really need him???
AHHH is wishes were horse- we would have a stampede!
Think about aceo for the show....please?

Sarah said...

What a lovely list of wishes Anairam! I am particularly hoping for the more good than bad hair days! I will swap the dog for the cat and then it is perfect!
Happy New Year to you!

curious girl (lisa) said...

these are beautiful wishes and I accept them all with extreme gratitude. what a lovely idea.

p.s. I love a donkey.