Monday, May 7, 2012


There are two aspects I particularly like about making stuff. One aspect is how something can change from one thing to another. I often put a 'lappie' or other creation on to the wall of my study using masking tape or prestik, and in time I see how I want to change it - what might be added or subtracted. Sometimes something gets incorporated into another piece - for example, I have used some of the batik & embroidered squares from an earlier workshop in the flags I am currently working on.

The second aspect I like is the by-products that are often the result of experimenting. I was exploring different  birds for my fabric sculpture, decided against using them, and then made a mobile with the discarded birds and bits of cotton fabric.  
Birds mobile (bird from Ikea fabric photocopied in various sizes onto tea-dyed cotton, torn cotton strips, string, buttons, stuffing)


Kathrin said...

Your bird mobile is fantastic. Love everything about it especially the torn cotton "tails". I also love how that change from one thing to another. My best ideas come when I stitch.

nathalie et cetera said...

wow! i love it very much!

Leenie said...

Very fun. And you don't have to feed them or clean out the bottom of their cage.