Friday, May 18, 2012


Some objects I found at the local junk shop and a car boot sale some months ago:

This is an old (probably 1950s) row counter for knitting.

A vintage thermos flask. The glass inner is broken, unfortunately, and the lid is missing, but it is so beautiful, and the colour is lovely.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Will you be knitting, or perhaps having a picnic? C'mon - be bold! Do both!


Leenie said...

Wow! Great finds. Love the pitcher especially. Hope your weekend goes well too. Knitting is NOT fun for me so I will choose a picnic. Not a bad idea at all.

freshly found said...

That Thermos is amazing!

kendalee said...

Beautiful! You have an eye for a great find :)

Sarah said...

I can see why you bought both of these-I think I would have too. I recently bought a huge old thermos-it had the wrong lid but I don't care-I bought it for the faded pink colour of the metal casing and the silver shininess of the glass inner. I have put fairy lights in it and it looks beautiful.