Thursday, May 10, 2012


Gosh,  I have been a busy little bee lately. With proofreading projects finished, I finally have time for my art class, my fiddlings with fabric and paper, and a second workshop (on drawing) is starting soon. I love this journey I have embarked upon. Learn as much as I can, have fun with it, and create things on the way ... What more could one want? For me it is not really about the product at the end of it. Maybe that will change, but for the moment I am just playing and experimenting and not obsessing too much about the end result.

I have been wanting to make 'paper fabric' since reading Stitch Alchemy by Kelli Perkins. Paper fabric is formed by combining layers of tissue papers, strips of other paper, fabric and ephemera, paint, stamping, etc. Everything is pasted together using acrylic gel medium - delightfully messy and gooey work. Best to cover the desk completely with cling wrap before you start!  Once dry you then use this as the background for other work. I iron on vilene so that I can stitch or embroider on it.

Journey (tissue papers, wrapping paper, newspaper, maps, shopping bag image, paint, raffia, fabric images, embroidery yarn, bamboo - photocopied, stamped, painted, hand and machine stitched.)

The quote is by Lao Tzu:
" A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving."


Asiye Ivedi said...

this is really really beautiful!

Leenie said...

Your creations are so very unique and amazing. It's always a pleasure to stop by and see what you've been up to.

nathalie et cetera said...

i love it! this technique suits you perfectly!

kendalee said...

What loveliness emerges when one isn't focussed on result but on process. This is BEAUTIFUL! I'm loving your birds and that quotation really speaks to me, especially right now... I'm trying hard to hold onto this philosophy. Not always finding it easy though.

Linda Sue said...

AHHH finally plugged into internet that is nearly fast enough to read a blog or two- WOW, Love this and the birds are so adorable!!! How you do this majic is beyond my reckonings!! And yes, the travel quote is perfect! I am still in the dirty girl, old lady, crumbling bone town of canals and crazies...a few more days then back to Dexter. Just stopped in to be delighted as alway by your creations and blog and YOU! REally, this is the best piece ever in the history of all mankind! SWEAR! LOVe love LOvexxxxoooo

Nicky Linzey said...

I agree with the others, I love stopping by to see what you're up to and this is truly beautiful