Thursday, May 3, 2012


I purchased a new art work last week. It is part of a series by Roz Hoek based on the Anglo-Boer War. When I saw it I immediately thought of my grandfather who was a young boy during the War, and whose father (my great-grandfather) was killed in front of him by a British officer.

(Playing at War - acrylic on canvas, by Roz Hoek)

I also (eventually!) got Leenie's amazing watercolour crows framed - don't they look just beautiful?)

(A Murder of Crows - watercolour, by Leenie Black)


Leenie said...

Hoek's work is jarring and unsettling. It really brings out the sadness and waste of war. I can understand why it would resonate with you.

It's fun to see the little birds made it safely to your home so far away and have been give a place on your wall. thanks.

Krisha said...

Very good art. I just learned about the real scope of the beboer wear while traveling in the Western Cape in December. The image you are showing really is chilling.