Friday, May 29, 2009

A Wonderland of Words

aimee of the incredible artsyville invited me to join the weekword thing, and I had great fun with this week's word wonderland, chosen by lea.

This was my thought process:
I wonder. A lot. I use my brain to wonder. So my brain is a kind of wonderland.
What do I wonder about? Words, often. I love words. I collect them.
Wonderful words. A wonderland of words.

These are the words:
W - wayzgoose
O - ostracon
N - nous
D - daedal
E - exurb
R - rhabdomancy
L - loblolly
A - abecedarian
N - nullipara
D - dreep
(PS Many people don't know that I am a nullipara.)

also participating: veja cecilia, aimee, jenna, fruenswerk2, trinsch, alexandra hedberg, chelsea, kristi, sandra dieckmann, aris and tiny red!


lea said...

hey anairam, i have added you - sorry about that - i thought i had everybody mentioned. i really like your interpretation! i tend to only think visually and not in words - so interesting to read about your thoughts about the word wonderland.
: )

aimee said...

this is fab!! i had to look up most of these words (i never thought about it before now, but i bet you have a to-die-for vocabulary.) love the drawing and the colors - glad you joined us this week!!

Chelsea said...

Brains indeed lady!

●• Tiny Red said...

fun!!!! and very brainy indeed!
i've just posted mine :)

Linda Sue said...

So much fun- i LOVE your brain on vocabulary...I took a class one time called "dictionary" You would have loved it! One of the excercises was to randomly open the dictionary and use every word on that page to write a poem. We looked up roots and connotations, played with words in a way they were not meant to be played with. The dictionary has never been the same for me and If I were stranded on an Island that would be the one book I would choose- endless possibilities!

Le 'usband said...

Le 'Usband's nous is out of joint because he knows so few of these wonderland words ...

Veja cecilia said...

what a nice way to treat the weekword game. i´m very happy to have found your blog, I´ll definitly be back!

FruensWerk2 said...

This is great :)))) Like like

asphaltandair said...

wonderful interpretation!
i remember collecting new words as a young girl and getting so excited when i found new ones.

trinsch said...

what a fantastic interpretation. and what a great blog. i will be back :)

Freshly Found said...

Your love of words is so evident in your blog posts and in the thoughtful comments you give on others!
After a bit of research, I realise that I am a tripara living in an exburb of Durban. I wish I was dreep, but I am more matronly! Ok I better stop there!
PS. You must be an ace at Balderdash!

Anne said...

Would you like a new word ? How about numptie - meaning a silly, stupid person ... as in, you've just dropped the eggs on the floor - what a numptie. It is also used to describe MSPs (members of the Scottish Parliament)

curious girl (lisa) said...

beautiful brain you have there!

Renee said...

You have just showed me how I know absolutely nothing.

I don't know the words and then when you said you were a ??? can't even spell it. I don't know what that is either.

I laughed about the carrots. Too funny.

Love Renee xoxo

Aris said...

I am so happy to find your blog, thank you so much for visitng mine and for such thoughtful comments. I love your wonderland and may I just say that not one of those words has ever floated around in my brain, you are a word superstar!(: Can't wait to see what word you will choose for your week(:

kendalee said...

I LOVE this - image and words... what a great brain you have! I love words too and although I was familiar with a few of these (my grandfather always claimed a talent for rhabdomancy), I was delighted to learn a few new ones too. I didn't know until now for example that I am a dreep nullipara! Cool - maybe I'll put that on my next CV :)

The word verification is tinhinti, which sounds like it might be something interesting too?

Candace said...

LOL! Fantastic. Loblolly is the name of a pine tree here in Athens, Georgia (well, most of the region to be honest). I studied as a linguist which is why I am an editor. I studied as an artist. Both have won out... I too love words and collect them, make them up, their origins, etc.
Great brain, there!
Love this blog and am happy to have found it through "Circles of Rain".
Take care,
Candace in Athens.

Anjie said...

Thanks Anairam Wayzgoose brought back memories. When I worked for a publishing company in London once a year we would have a wayzgoose. All the staff would have a day out paid for by the company. The most memorable one was lunch in France, we crossed the English Channel by hovercraft. It's not a word you can slip into many conversations!