Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fabric Beads.

I made these beads a couple of weeks ago. I used stuffing for the middle, wound strips of  a beautiful red and green African fabric (bought here) around the stuffing, pinned, and then, with a needle, worked with a contrasting colour thread round and round and through the bead to secure. I have made a necklace and a bracelet.
I admit that they look a bit scrappy on the photo, but they actually look rather nice when I wear them.

We are now entering the critical last phase for the two books that have to be submitted in the first week of January. As I still haven't received ANY text for the second book, you can imagine that I am more than a little stressed. I will probably be eating my Xmas dinner with a red pen in the hand ... rolling my eyes and singing mad little songs to calm myself down.


Linda Sue said...

Oh dear, I do not like WORDS!!! I will be burning a candle for you and keeping an orange or two in the alter of Anairam...The beads are very cool- I saw some wired earings the other day made by a little local artist girl- wire wrapped around lichen to form beads much like yours- very pretty! Wags and wiggles from Dexter!!!

Nicky Linzey said...

I'm impressed by this and the beautiful slippers below. I can never wear slippers either as I'm far to dangerous in them! Just as well you haven't received your text, you'd never have time for all your wonderful projects. Seriously, good luck with your work I understand only too well the frustration of being given a deadline before even receiving the work.