Monday, November 19, 2012

Yellow necklace.

I have never been a big fan of yellow, but I realised some time ago that it looks really good with grey. So before the current trend for yellow runs its course, I thought I should make myself a bright yellow necklace to wear with my grey tops.

I made the pottery beads myself, had them fired, then painted them with yellow acrylic paint. Finally I varnished them and strung them on a black leather cord. To tie a sliding knot, see here.  (I subsequently redid the knot to balance it more evenly between the two smaller beads and make the necklace a little shorter.)


Leenie said...

I'm thinking those beads look good enough to eat. Nice work and I'm very impressed by the knots.

Sarah said...

I love yellow and grey together. Years ago I worked in a children's superstore and the uniform included a bright yellow shirt. I realised that yellow did not suit me! But a small amount like a necklace is great. I like yours!