Monday, November 5, 2012


For her 3rd adoption birthday Snous went to Art in the Forest. After looking at the beautiful ceramics exhibition (me) and a taking a muddy little walk (Snous and L'USband), it was time for a photo opportunity in the forest.

After that, we went to Groot Constantia for lunch under the trees ...

and ended the day by chasing squirrels.

Happy Adoption Birthday, my Bestest, Most Beloved and Most Beautiful Doggie in the Whole Wide World!
Make that Multiverse.


Linda Sue said...

I am making my Mom write this for Snous, the most beautiful girl in the whole universe! I LOVE you! I sniff you all over and make puppy wags at you. Happy dog day in the afternoon of squirrel hunts and nibbles!
Just so your Mom knows , Mine is back in blogland featuring Me and my Mightyness- you may be impressed with my skills, I hope so because that's the whole point! My Mom said to be polite but I am i am ignoring her to say to you- I yearn to sniff your tail bits and lick your eyes!

Linda Sue said...

Great shots, loving the Snous pup and you, my Dear Madam. The hill in the background is also quite splendid- You are the queen of all the land with princess whisker face by your side! Magnificent!

Linda Sue said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I LOVE your frock!!!

Leenie said... looked at the ceramics and Snous took a muddy walk. But did you both chase squirrels???

Love that pup's fluffy ears and feathery tail. Fun to see you and the amazing countryside where you live. So green. So brown here.

Anonymous said...

I love the first photo ..... but I also wanted photos of you climbing the tree to chase the squirrel!!