Monday, November 12, 2012

Sitting pretty.

I have two large cushions that I like sitting on. But I needed to make them look a little more interesting. So I dyed some vintage doilies, collected from car boot sales, charity outlets and junk shops, and sewed them onto a continental pillow slip to make a cushion cover.
At the same time I also reworked the cushion with the fabric yoyos that I made ages ago, as it was becoming a bit tatty. Took them all off, washed them (as well as the cover) and restitched them with embroidery yarn


Linda Sue said...

Especially loving the yo-yo cushion! They look like little suckers that may or may not attach themselves to your sitter.

Leenie said...

Very cool stuff. Love the effect of the black doilies especially. Still laughing at L.S.'s comment.