Wednesday, November 14, 2012

See No Evil.

Something I started on a few months ago. It is meant to be part of a series of three, but the second one (Hear No Evil) came out a bit of a disaster and I am still deciding on how to rework it. Also, I can't find many pictures of people with their hand(s) over their ears (that is the reason why HNE was a bit of a disaster), or over their mouths. I can't draw from my head, so I need a photograph or something to refer to ... sigh ... This one is from a European fashion magazine. I lightly sketched with pencil on the fabric (an old linen table mat), and then madly stitched it with Mr Darning Foot.

This one is not quite finished yet - I am now going to hand stitch with coloured embroidery yarn to fill in the background and a few other areas.

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Linda Sue said...

SO COOL! I love your take on see no evil! Looks more like see no MORE evil as this person looks to have seen a lot. For 'hear no evil' you could choose a sign from deaf culture to represent hear no evil, which is also a bit ironic, as though "hearing" makes a difference, it doesn't. Do no evil is the thing as we all know...but then defining "evil" is subject to interpretation..Oh dear, this concept could keep you going for the next long time! Nothing is ever simple. LOVE what you have done with this one! Very cool and amazing, dearest Madam!