Thursday, November 8, 2012


An experiment from a few weeks ago.

I read about this method in a book (have forgotten which one now, but if anyone is interested I will go through my pile to see.) I like it because it uses plain old gel medium instead of the special transfer medium which comes in expensive small bottles.
Simply slather on gel medium on the surface to which you want to transfer (I used a piece of unvarnished wood) and lay your picture (this is from a magazine) on top with the image facing the wood. Smooth out the air bubbles as best you can - the vertical stripes you see in my example are the result of air bubbles. Let dry for at least a day. When completely dry, dampen the paper very lightly, and start rubbing it off with your fingers. It is a bit messy, with all the frumples of paper (that is my own word, in case you were wondering) but I love the result. Also works on canvas fabric, and with images printed on my inkjet printer, but the result is a little more blurry.
This one is going to become part of a mixed media assemblage with some found objects. It has not quite come together in my head yet, but as soon as it does, I will let you know!