Sunday, February 15, 2009

T-A-D #15 Love in Translation

I did the collage above (magazine images and pen and ink drawing) to illustrate my translation of the beautiful Dutch poem by Paul Snoek. (So I did two things today!)

Als ik geen rood meer heb
Als ik geen rood meer heb
maak ik de bomen groen, de struiken,
het hele landschap wat ik schilder.
Dus ook het onkruid en het gras,
waarin je languit ligt te wachten roerloos
maar toch diep ontroerd, wanneer je later
het doek mag zien waar ik je rooie jurk
vervangen heb door zachte naaktheid,
waarvoor ik net als voor je glimlach
vooralsnog niet de kleur vond die je past.

Als ik geen rood meer heb,
heb ik nog altijd je lippen.
Paul Snoek (1933-1981)

My translation:
When I’ve run out of red
When I’ve run out of red
I colour the trees green, the shrubs,
the entire landscape I paint
Therefore also the weeds and grass
in which you lie stretched out, waiting, motionless,
yet deeply moved when later
I allow you to see the canvas
where I have replaced your red dress
with soft nakedness
for which, as with your smile,
I yet have to find
the shade that suits you best

When I’ve run out of red
I still will have your lips.


aimee said...

beautiful! thank you for the translation!

Esti said...

This is beautiful!

kendalee said...

I LOVE the art, Anairam, and it's perfect alongside the poem's translation... Beautiful!

Anairam said...

aimee - I am glad you enjoyed it - it is really much better in the Dutch, but I've tried to get the essence ...

esti - Some of my favourite poems are Dutch! Maybe I'll place some of them later ...

kendalee - Thank you! (I've now put the art into my art journal and changed it a little bit ...)