Friday, February 27, 2009

T-A-D #27 Heart of stone

I heart blogging.

I am going to use these as paper weights, to try and keep control of the growing stacks of paper and images on my desk.
I am also thinking they would have been great for my herb garden, spelling out BASIL and CHIVES and so forth, that is, before the snails ate them all up. Well, something ate them and it wasn't me.
(The stones are small leftover ones from a bag I purchased from the nursery a while ago to make a stone spiral on my lawn. I stencilled the letters on with a permanent marker.)
Have a great weekend! I will be working on my last tad, and I sincerely hope to have a prond idea before tomorrow morning.


Khaled KEM said...

Good luck to you Anairam. I always love your creativity and searching for ideas hidden some where.
Enjoy the week-end.

aimee said...

i'm starting to go into mourning a bit, knowing you're at the end of tad... you've come up with such great stuff this month!

kendalee said...

I am sure that prondness will strike! I ♥ YOUR blogging. And these lovely stones. Hope you have a great weekend too. I'm tackling the peak of my mountain tomorrow and feeling strong despite the slight altitude sickness... Look forward to coming home to see your final fabulous TAD!

Sarah said...

Good stones. Only one more day to go! Are you worn out?!
Looking forward to seeing the last one. I have greatly enjoyed seeing all you have come up with.

Anairam said...

Khaled KEM - I have found that I am slowly changing the way I look at things - trying to see what is hidden in an everyday object. I hope you had a great weekend - mine was mostly resting, reading and some family outings!

aimee - I am so glad you enjoyed it - I was so wowed by the wonderful creativity in the other tadders' tads! What I find so great is how every single thing one does can be an opportunity for creation / recreation / reinvention - isn't that amazing?

kendalee - I think you deserve special applause for tackling that mountain with everything that it implies! I am so glad that you feel in control - go for it, the end is in sight! It will allow you to continue on your life's journey feeling lighter and less weighed down by past baggage ...

sarah - I am actually quite worn out! I really feel that I won't be able to make things for a long time ... I so admire people who create (art, ideas, words, music) every single day! How do they do it? I think it must require a lot of energy, will power and perseverance.