Saturday, February 7, 2009

T-A-D #7 Het Rode Hart

I was so inspired by Linda Sue's posting of Peter Max's beautiful heart painting here, that I decided to do a heart painting for T-A-D #7. It is not quite finished yet, I still have to do a final few scrapings, and sign it, of course.

Kind of Jim Dine-ish, now that I look at it.
I intend to hang it with a painting I did 18 months ago...

No, those are not ants on her face, they are the words of a wonderful Dutch poem:

Als ik geen rood meer heb
Als ik geen rood meer heb
maak ik de bomen groen, de struiken,
het hele landschap wat ik schilder.
Dus ook het onkruid en het gras,
waarin je languit ligt te wachten roerloos
maar toch diep ontroerd, wanneer je later
het doek mag zien waar ik je rooie jurk
vervangen heb door zachte naaktheid,
waarvoor ik net als voor je glimlach
vooralsnog niet de kleur vond die je past.

Als ik geen rood meer heb,
heb ik nog altijd je lippen.
Paul Snoek (1933-1981)


aimee said...

wish i understood dutch so i could read the poem! the colors are gorgeous and these pieces go together beautifully!

Linda Sue said...

Great coupling of paintings! I think the Dutch poem is about caramel waffle cookies and hot chocolate- am I right? But what that has to do with a womans face I am not sure...
I will land in cyber jail for sure- I did not paint the heart- Peter Max did and I just stuck it in because it is bright and pretty- LOCK ME UP! I wonder if Peter will be nice about this oversight?
thanks for walking me through the link magic! I think I have it down. although half of what I try to do comes up "broken"...

(word verification is "squert"- )

Anairam said...

aimee - For a future T-A-D I will try to translate it - unfortunately my Dutch is not very good and I am no poet!

Linda Sue - Hahaha! You have been saved, my dear, not by the bell, but by a ruthless and quick edit by moi. I wouldn't want you to land up in cyber jail! But never mind, if you did, I would come and visit you (virtually) bearing a gift of a giant heart-shaped Valentines cake. Now I hope you know what to do with that cake!

Sarah said...

Translation please!
Those paintings look great together. I like the texture of the heart.

Fifi Flowers said...

I guess I will and have clip and paste that poem into a reader if I want to know what it says....hmmm
Pretty heart!
ENJOY your weekend!

Khaled KEM said...

Would you please visit my blog. I have an award for you.



kendalee said...

Still chuckling at Linda Sue's comment!

I love the paintings and the poem - I think I get the gist of it, if not some of the detail - and especially love how you've incorporated one into the other. Those paintings are a perfect pairing! I love that you are going to hang them together.

curious girl (lisa) said...

these are so amazing. I wish I could paint and scrape.

Anairam said...

Sarah - I am going to attempt a translation for Tuesday's Thing-A- Day - I just hope no Dutch blogger will shoot me ...

Fifi Flowers - Thank you - it is always so nice to hear from you! See above about translation ...

Khaled - Oh Khaled, thank you! I am happy to accept my award and will post it on my blog tomorrow!

kendalee - Yes, she is so funny! I laughed about the caramel waffle - maybe I must write a poem about that and then do a painting!

curious girl - I actually quite enjoyed doing them, and I liked (in the heart one) to slosh bits of paint on and scrape it away. I think I will call it Anairam's Slosh 'n Scrape technique ...

Skosanah said...

I love them too!!!

And thank you so much for your dandeloin message Anairam.... beautiful thought.

x Skosanah