Thursday, August 6, 2009

I was here.


Linda Sue said...

That's right, Felix...and Anairam- make art- there is nothing else to do on this planet...well, there is EATING really good food - plenty of it and there is gin...

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

I LOVE this quote! Sums up exactly how I feel! I was thinking this exact thing yesterday, why I am compelled to go go go and keep creating, this was my answer too.
PS Thanks for your wonderfully insightful post on my blog. I think you are so right about what you say about certain people getting embarrassed by creativity in us!

frayedattheedge said...

An excellent quote! Just having a quick blog-browse after our wonderful day with Sarah and Andy!!

Lady P said...

you always have just the right phrase or turn of an idea to lift my spirits or make me giggle
today, i really needed to read that

kendalee said...

What a GREAT quotation! And a new one for me. One that's going straight into my little book... Thank you! :)

I thought of you today... I was in a bookshop and picked up a book that had clearly not been properly proofread. I know it's not fun when you're drowning in words but what you do is so important. Thank you again!

Lady P said...

oh how i have chastised my blog monitor, telling her how important it is to hear from you and that she musn't, under ANY circumstances eat your words
she said she will try very hard
but your words are always yummy to her and she has a hard time sharing the good stuff
still love this quote oddles

Candace said...

Excellent quote... I will definitely add this to the project called life.

Your blog is so inspiring and comforting to me, and always leaves me wanting more. That's a true gift!
Candace in Athens.