Sunday, December 6, 2009

What Snous Found

Good Morning, Mr Tortoise! (This one is for lisa whose post here I loved and still remember!)


curious girl (lisa) said...

ha!!! I LOVE this!!! snous looks so excited and the turtle is brave and keeping his head poked out. don't you just love finding unexpected neighbors on walks?

he has gorgeous markings. it's funny how a south african turtle looks beautifully different than an american turtle.


Leenie said...

Good morning Mr. Turtle! Hehe. Snous found quite a curious surprise. Your doggy friend and his discovery are a treat to see.

word verifiction--ORION. Easy to see in our night when it is clear.

Freshly Found said...

Clever Snous. What a find!

Linda Sue said...

Dexter thinks
Snous has bunny ears! He wants to sniff her all over! We had a pacific box turtle when Erik was young- she was gorgeous and very sweet- I accidentally killed her- I am sure if reincarnation is something I will be back as a tortoise...preferably one as lovely as yours.