Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We had a lovely celebration this weekend; dearest M turned 60, and what a party it was!
Walking along the cliff path to the venue in town; The Barefoot Cook - the food was simply delicious, so if you ever land up in Hermanus, be sure to give them a visit; roses and wine; PianoBen  provided great music; I am allowed to reveal that the party girl wore a pink rocker belt; sunflowers and candles in the fountain; golly, those girls can dance!; a surprise visit from a bagpipe player to celebrate the birthday girl's roots; weaving our way back to the guesthouse after many glasses of wine and champagne, we encountered a school band playing big band jazz, a suitable way to end a fantastic afternoon!


Sarah said...

Sounds Fun! I forgot to say, my lovely book arrived at the weekend thank you! I have not read it properly yet as it needs a quiet Sunday afternoon and I have not had one yet! I love the illustrations and the cover colours-and it is just the sort of book I would have bought for myself had I seen it!

Anonymous said...

What a super day - and as for those bagpipe players - there is no escape. I am such a traitor to my roots - I can't stand the sound of bagpipes - no wonder we scared the enemy marching to war with the pipes playing!!

Freshly Found said...

I love the way some people really know how to have a celebration. I tend to let these milestones slip by in a far more sedate manner!