Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Full moon rising.

Three (interesting, but disappointingly short) articles I read this week:
Who designed our universe? (My personal opinion is that it is geeky teenager in another part of the multiverse, playing around in the school lab. Soon he will be off to the canteen for a smoothie and we will be goners.)
Four good study habits (and some myths debunked).
And finally, following all these hyperlinks ain't good for you! (But you already knew that, didn't you?)


annekata said...

Love that you share your reading material and enjoy all your choices! I read the NY Times article on how language shapes our thinking and have been intrigued with the theme since a long time. I usually don't communicate in my mother tongue and my child is bilingual. The other article of the good study habits was very eye opening as well. If you are not familiar with Winifred Gallagher's book "Rapt - Attention and the Focused Life" you might find it interesting.
Again, thanks for the inspiration! Off to read the other ones you mentioned...

kat said...

On my way to click on all of those hyperlinks :)

kendalee said...

I love your hyperlinks - thank you for sharing them - and that one article about hyperlinks's the only one I've read so far but intend to follow the others and read those too! I found the article really interesting and I get Nicholas Carr's point, although I love being able to read broadly albeit more shallowly. There are certain areas of interest I'll delve into more deeply but I've always seen myself as more of a generalist than a specialist and have experienced all sorts of angst because I can't or am not interested in maintaining focus on one thing for too long. And this was in the days long before the internet. These days, for me, learning is more about knowing how to research as needed or wanted rather than try to carry as much info around in my head as possible. Good thing too 'cause my brain's a bit sieve-like and always has been. I love that the internet age facilitates this for me and I now think of my head as needing to be more of a library card catalogue cabinet than a library itself. This works for me. Maybe it means I'll never focus long enough to write my book though? I hope not! :)

Leenie said...

Your photo of the moon looks like a pearl in the jaws of a shark.

It goes well with your take on the designer of the universe. Makes one want to enjoy and appreciate every moment we have. But then, I guess we should in any case. Off to check out your links.

Marie said...

That reminds me to look at our New York moon tonight. It has been behind clouds for days (nights) and I have missed its fatness.

annekata said...

Now, isn't this interesting?
Are Distractible People More Creative?
And here's the link: