Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Acquisitions #16

I read a LOT of books. Most of the books I buy are second-hand, and I won't post them as new acquisitions - there are simply too many! But I have decided that I will post all new books that I buy.

I have been interested in Emily Dickinson for a long time - this biography by Lyndall Gordon (originally from South Africa) focuses on the feud that developed in the family as a result of the relationship between Dickinson's marrried brother, Austin, and Mrs Mabel Todd.
The second book is by Damon Galgut, also a South African - it is his second book to be nominated for the Booker prize.
My next editing project has been postponed, seemingly indefinitely ...  I am not sure if I should cry (probably - financially speaking) or yodel with ecstatic happiness (definitely - I could do without the stress and aggravation which accompanied the last project). The South African education system is in turmoil yet again - with most text book projects being canned or postponed by publishers until they have more clarity from the Department of Education on exactly what will be happening.
So I am looking forward to having lots of time to catch up on my reading!


Sarah said...

Woohoo! Fun reading instead of tedious work based reading-enjoy it!

L'Atelier said...

like your new books. sorry to hear the postponed the editing... but then you can go enjoy the whales and spring till stress hits you again!

aimee said...

i think that's what's called a mixed blessing! sorry your project has been delayed, but hopefully the health benefits will outweigh the loss of the income - that last project put you through hell!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new books .... and you never know, you might just find some other more congenial work!!