Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shadows and light

From Sunday - in Simons Town:

"Every picture has its shadows
And it has some source of light
Blindness, blindness and sight"
(from Shadows and Light - Joni Mitchell)


karina said...

These sunny days here I am looking too much at the shadow part of life, I think it is tiredness.
Thanks for your post!

Linda Sue said...

Your photos are beautiful! Loving shadows right now- we are so far north that the sun barely makes it above the horizon resulting in very loooonnnng shadows. I particulrly LOVE the green building! I want to wear it!


...loving the words you used for this post... it's so true indeed; there's a source of light...in life! Refreshing green building, love that color.

kendalee said...

Oh Anairam, I LOVE these photographs!!! Gorgeous - colours, contrast, compositions and as a collection! Lots of Cs - like a good diamond, only better. Just beautiful.

Stephanie said...

beautiful ...

Anairam said...

karina - Sometimes you have to walk through the shadowy bits to get to the light. I hope the tiredness will soon make place for a rested & happy karina!
linda sue - So glad you enjoy them! I'm concentrating on shadows for a bit. Oh that green - I also love it! The only green thing in my cupboard is an Indian skirt of that green colour!
lenorevermore - Aaaah, it's beautiful lyrics indeed. It is my second most favourite Joni Mitchell album. And yes, I think it is true!
kendalee - Oh, you're so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement!
stephanie - Simons Town is a beautiful village. Lots of contrasts there. Of all kinds!