Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today I Apricated.

Ha! I bet you had to look that up. And you probably didn't find it in your dictionary. That is because it is quite an old word. See here. (PS I love Michael Quinion).

Some other new pages in my journal:

I had fun with this one, cutting pages, using a bit of collage, painting, stencilling, etc. But I see I've neglected to paint the other part of the middle guy's overcoat. Rats.

Only having a bit of innocent fun. (In case you're a royalist).

Lots of silver swirly stamped sea stars. (Say that fast). Hahahahaha!

I reworked this one and added some words. I think it looks better now.

And that's the truth.


Linda Sue said...

Hello, my beauty, Your pages are wonderful- I am inspired again...You absolutely MUST get a puppy! El usband will fall in love and will never regret it- surprise him! Once the puppy is in his arms, well, you know....melt...

Heather said...

I lovelove the shoe page. The colours are the writing are gorgeous!

karina said...

Love you!!!
I will have to ask you permission to steal the last one!!!!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE your journal! VERY FUN!
Pop over to my blog... I would love to have you help me put together a VIRTUAL trip to Sud Africa!

kendalee said...

I love the way your pages evolve, anairam, and especially enjoy seeing the ones you've gone back to - like the flower one... It really shows how art is a process. Love these pages!

liezl said...

Loved the journal pages!!

Anairam said...

linda sue - You are so sweet! Oh, I would love to spread inspiration all over the whole wide world! Then hopefully everyone would stop fighting and having wars and wasting money and stealing other people's stuff and generally being mean and everyone will just spend their time making paper dolls and art journals. (The puppy - I'm working on it ....!)

heather - Oh, thank you, girl!

karina - You can steal the last one with pleasure! (I actually quite like the shoes - they look like they're from the 18th century - and I'm wondering if one could have a pair made like that? Did you see the Marie Antoinette film with Kirsten Dunst and the Monolo Blahnik shoes? So yummy!)

fifi - Thanks for popping in. (I so like you clever paintings) ABout the virtual trip - I will hop over and leave ny name - but a real trip to South AFrica is so much better!

kendalee - I'm having a lot of fun doing them. Actually, I think some of the pages are a bit overdone, as I have not yet learned when to stop! Thas is a great skill I think in any art form - painting, writing, whatever - to recognise when something is finished and to STOP fiddling with it.

liezl - Thanks so much for visiting! Pop in again, I do sometimes post a little poetry that might interest you (not my own though). I also left a message over at your blog - in Afrikaans!