Monday, November 17, 2008

Brilliant Moi ... needing some help

I don't mean to blow my own whistle, but sometimes I'm such a genius that I even amaze myself. One of the online craft course projects is to create a mini-journal from recycled paper - she used Starbucks cupholders and other papers. South Africa being Starbuckless, I made mine of ... wait for it ... cut-open toilet roll inners! I also used some bits of scrap paper, magazines, paper serviettes, old index cards, and coffee filter papers.
Being in an alphabet-letter-crazed state of mind (first nine chapters of proofreading finished, typesetters to deliver the next 21 chapters this week ...) I decided to make a little alphabet book with my mini-journal. All the letters were cut from magazines or packaging. Here are some of the first pages:

I have called it Alphabet Love. T-p roll with paper serviette embellishment.

I Heart Alphabets. T-p roll, scrap paper, paint & paper serviette embellishment.

Scrap paper, torn pretty paper from old envelope.
Scrap paper and t-paper roll, scrap bits of marbled paper, envelope window, tin butterfly decoration.
T-p roll and painted scrap paper. Printout from internet maths course.Scrap paper, printed gift tags, paint and beaded doll charm.
Scrap paper, handmade mini-mini envelope (left bottom) with little 'e' inside, handmade mini-envelope (right) from inside of old security envelope, big 'E' inside.
Old calendar page, scrap paper, coffee filter paper, fabric leaves from old fabric flower, tiny beetle peg from old birthday card.
Now here is the help I need:
1. Should I add the word on the page (e.g. Leaves or Doll)? My inclination is not to ...
2. I need suggestions for words/concepts for the following letters still:


Holly said...

n - neighbors, nifty thing?!
w - weather
x - xray, xylophone (those are like the only two x words i know!)
y - yak, yoyo, yummy

My Castle in Spain said...

love your A !

W as wanderer

N as no man's land

X as xxxx at the end of a letter

Y as you or yellow brick road

Linda Sue said...

X- Xyris- northamerican marsh plant
N- Nelson Mandela
W- wren
Y- Y not?
This looks like too much fun. After I am finished with christmas I intent to do paper. FUN!

kendalee said...

Fabulous use of t-p rolls m'dear! And I'm loving your alphabet!

Some ideas for the letters, gleaned from things your blog suggests might be relevant or of interest to you:
N - nirvana
W - whales, wisdom
X - x-acto knife, X on a ballot paper, xenophile
Y - yin yang

kendalee said...

Oh, just thought of another W... whimsy

kendalee said...

Sorry, also meant to say, I like the pages without the word...

Anonymous said...

oh, brilliant! Wish I had a creative family like yours.
w -words, wool,woolly words? whales
x - xmas or formulae with x's
y- yeti
n - nose,numbers

Anairam said...

holly - Thanks for visiting! These little journals/mini-books are such fun, don't you think? I really liked your one with the deer!

mcis - I've been cutting out letters from magazines and packaging for ages! I always knew I would find some good use for the golden A! Thanks for the suggestions! I especialy like your X one!

linda sue - Paper is super fun! And now you know what to do with those t-p inners! (I ironed mine to straighten them out). Thanks for the ideas - the y one is cute!

kendalee - Lovely suggestions! Aaah, but how to illustrate nirvana so that it will be recognisable by everybody! It is quite a subjective concept! I like the X-ballot idea and am definitely going to use yin-yang!

anonymous - Oh, you can always adopt me if you need creative family members (I'm an orphan ...) I like the W-words idea and will probably use that. Numbers and formulae! Are you perhaps a mathematician, like svetlana? (I have dedicated two pages in my alphabet book to svetlana - the I and the f!)

●• Tiny Red said...

lovely! i'll share mine soon too :)

editor said...

just read your comment - you ironed them. ah-ha. specifically how?

eXtension (it should count if the letter is in the word - it shouldn't have to be the start of the word i think. that's too restrictive)

Anairam said...

tiny red - Can't wait to see yours! I have your Space Cadets ezine up on my desk for inspiration for my ezine - when I get to it eventually ...

editor - Well, I cut them open first (lengthways) so I'm left with a rectangular (albeit still curved) piece of cardboard. Then I take out that ole steam iron of mine and I iron straight onto the paper. Voila. One uncurved rectangle! Mmmm. I like the N-Night idea. I can do an all black page. Oh, oh, oh! wait - with little pin pricks in it and at the back I've pasted a silver coloured piece of paper - stars! O my goodness, I love getting an idea! (Ps Thanks for letting me use your pompom picture as inspiration - I will let you know when mine is finished!)