Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here's what I learnt ...

Last paper project! Phew. Subconsciously I left the most difficult for last, although I didn't realize it before I started.
Attempt #1:

Attempt #2:

So here's what I learnt:
  1. Some paper is crap for cutting out. Oops. (Sorry.)
  2. Use good tools. I specially bought a new little craft knife, but it just isn't very good. I should probably have spent more on the better quality one.
  3. Plan before you start. I just did a freehand drawing and then gaily started cutting out. Which is why my O looks the way it does. Learnt my lesson just in time for the D, R and A.
  4. Start simple. My first attempt was quite complicated with lots more going on in the headspace and the word 'courage' going down the backbone (Get it? I thought that was pretty clever, pity it got ripped to pieces ... in a fit of pique ...)
  5. Have patience and cut slowly. I didn't which is why some of the flowery bits got torn off.
  6. Focus. Lack of concentration is not good. Which is why the M looks the way it does.
  7. Practice makes perfect, which is why I should do this one over. On a rainy day.

I must still do the release cuts on the red paper (the white is just a guide - the red is the actual cutout).


Stephanie said...

papercutting is tricky! i find i can only do it when i am totally relaxed - any tension or stress and bad cuts get made because you have to focus so intently for so long. this is a strong concept - i hope you give it another whirl!

Linda Sue said...

THIS ROCKS! Awesome- I so love your creativity- the deep well from which it springs! AND I just have to say one more time- OBAMA! OK!
Please let me know the dimensions of Ms. Mirabel, I think I have something for her but if it is too tiny, well, we wouldn't want to disgust her further, would we...

Jesse said...

Wow! You might be seeing all the flaws in this, but to me it looks amazing...

Le 'usband said...

On paper cutouts:

The paper cutouts of Monique
Are far above any critique
    But comments explicit
    Are sure to elicit
A most frightful case of the pique!

Heather said...

If you hadn't mentioned mistakes I wouldn't have known they existed! Also, you can't have too rigid an plan as things do tend to go wrong. Well, not wrong just... different.

P.S. I like the o.

Anonymous said...

Attempt #2 is gorgeous. I like the M. You must come from a very creative and patient family.
Personally, I am concentrating on something like Attempt #1. I find it even more creative and challenging as well.

kendalee said...

I'm just really impressed - I LOVE the idea and I think the result is amazing! Beautiful and thoughtful. I too didn't notice any flaws but this also reminded me of your little sheep with the black bead... sometimes something is all the more perfect for not being TOO perfect!

Esti said...

as my husband says to the kids very often: if you try and try, you'll get it ;)

I can't wait to see those birds landing over here... I'll let you know when they get here!!

Anairam said...

stephanie - Good advice! (and why didn't I listen to you and got myself a good craft knife??) Thanks for the encouragement about the concept!

linda sue - Let's say it together, just one more time: OBAMA!!!!! YAY!! (PS Ms Mirabelle is 42 cm from head to toe, and about 8cm from shoulder to shoulder. Don't worry about her being disgusted, I gave her a good talking-to after our little argument last Saturday, plus she read some of the comments on my post, so she has been in a very contrite mood all week long!)

jesse - That is so sweet, and coming from your talented self, a great compliment - thank you!

le'Usband - Oh, that a nice limerick! (But WTH is Monique??)

heather - Thank you, you sweetie pie! I kind of know what you mean about not having too rigid a plan -some accidents turn out to be happy ones!

anonymous - Oh I am so glad you like attempt #2. (And The M.) Although attempt #1 has its merits too. Maybe the Tate Modern will be interested, you think? About my family, hahahahaha!! No, really!

kendalee - Thank you dear! It's true what you say about perfection though ... too perfect almost seems a bit unnatural or fake, doesn't it?

esti - Wise words, indeed! I'm definitely going to try again, I already have a new idea ...