Thursday, November 27, 2008

A little charm ... goes a long way

Dear people, I have posted the outcome of my Proofreading Woes in a comment (here).
In between the work, to keep my spirits up and my heart light, I do a little crafting. The online course I am doing had some charms made from polymer clay the other day. I am not sure what polymer clay is and neither did the lady at our local craft shop. She gave me some modelling paste that air-dries though. Here is Elsie's charm below (Elsie is our crafty craft course cutie and she blogs at A Beautiful Mess).Here are the ones I made - The Bluebird of Happiness:
For some or other reason Blogger keeps rotating this picture - how annoying! (also it has recently started centering my pics, and is it my imagination, or are they smaller than usual?)Anyway, please rotate your neck sideways 90 degrees, and face forward. Observe the blob on the body. That is a wing, a wing that is attached as a separate(!) feature to the body. I am very proud of that wing, so I hope that no-one will make nasty comments about blobs and so forth.

A series of hearts:
I poked holes in them - which did not go right through - but I quite liked the look on the reverse side, so have decided to keep them like that. Also, I don't think I should paint them.

Two kind-of-round-pendant-thingies-with-doily-impressions:
I will also keep these unpainted, I think. Not sure how I will use them.

And, then, inspiration struck. I was eating pistachios and thinking that the shells were so cute, one should be able to do something with them, so I came up with this:They are only prototypes - the little bodies made of magazine paper are a bit rough and ready, and also the heads are not perfect. Plus the shells keep falling off the 'clay' insides, so I had to stick them on with Bostik. But I'm kind of thinking, refine the design, add wings, and I have angels!


Jesse said...

Love the doily ones! And the angels are so sweet.

kendalee said...

Oh they'd make adorable angels, clever you!

Also, love your bluebird of happiness with finely crafted wing. And the doily-impressioned-thingies. They'd look pretty hanging on your Christmas tree... Or as gift tags... Or as a pendant on a ribbon. Lovely goodies all!

editor said...

okay, i loved the doilies, but then the last ones, on the nuts, holy cow! those are fantastic. really wonderful. i was not expecting that so it was a surprise that really made me pause with appreciation.

Heather said...

I love love the little pistachio people!

Freshly Found said...

Some light relief after all that proof reading drama!
The wing on the bird is an amazing work of art!!!!
I love the hearts. They are my favourite!

svetlana said...

This weekend I will make the stuffy bear and send the picture for your blog. But the round things you make I no understand because what is the Doilie? Also Sunday I take my auntie to Kreml and Red Square to see the Great Lenin.Of course he is dead. But we can look at him. Now the Little Putin wants to bury him and that make my auntie very sad.

Anonymous said...

The oriental nutty people are cute.
But the bluebird...hahaha!

Anairam said...

Jesse - I am glad you like them! On my tree they will go ...

kendalee - Oh, the Bluebird of Happiness is not so happy anymore. (The wing fell off.) I like your idea of using the pendants and hearts as gift tags!

editor - Oh, that is a lovely compliment! Thank you!

Heather - They are sweet aren't they? They are a bit delicate though.

freshly found - Hahaha! I am glad you appreciate The Wing! (but as I've said to kendalee above, it has fallen off. Mmmmm. I still think it is great art though - something in the line of the Venus de Milo of bluebirds ...)

svetlana - I cannot wait for you to start your blog! (But please not in Russian.) Ask your granny about doilies, I'm pretty sure she will know what it is. But maybe in Russia it is called doilevski? Please send me your stuffy bear - I mean a picture of it. I will put it on my blog!

anonymous - Now, now, dear. I'm hoping that is NOT a snide comment about my bluebird. I am hoping you mean "But the bluebird ... ha ...ha ...haow amazingly wonderful and artistic!!!"