Monday, November 24, 2008

f, g, h

Some more alphabet goodness happened over the weekend ... The Function of Fish: coffee filter paper, recycled gift wrap, magazine pages, t-p inner, paint.
Glamorous Glitter: t-p inner, paper serviette, soap packaging, magazine paper, paint, cellophane bag with glitter, pink sticker.

Heart: recycled paper and index card, paper serviette, security envelopes, plastic foam heart sticker. Tomorrow - j, k & l


Heather said...

G is gorgeous!

My Castle in Spain said...

me too...i fall for the G !

was going to say it's simply Glorious in such nuances of red !

svetlana said...

I am back from Birsk where it is much cold. I was indeed happy to see f(x) = y, because yes anairam I am mathematic person! But I am registerd for the art course. Also I am advertised in the Moscow Newspaper on internet to maybe find a nice husband from your country.

Anairam said...

heather - I like G too, but wait until you see K, you may change your mind!

mcis - I'll rename it Gorgeous, Glorious, Glamorous Glitter!

svetlana - I hope you enjoyed your trip! Is your granny a mathematics person also? Maybe the two of you can crochet granny squares, granny circles, granny triangles, haha! the possibilities are endless (which is another word for 'infinity' - please look at my blog again when I post i, j, k!)
About advertising for a husband in South Africa - I don't think so my dear, really. Unless you like rugby or soccer.

Lizzard (Elizabeth) said...

these are super cool! I really like the way these look. What a cool idea.