Friday, November 28, 2008


I have been analysing my creative process. It basically consists of
1) no planning, and
2) the MIM principle (More is More).
Yep, when all else fails, I just cover every single bit of open space with, it saddens me to say, stuff. Paint and crayon and felt-tipped pens and highligters and ribbon and magazine pages and stickers and pictures and wrapping paper and plastic and sewing patterns and fabric and bits of yarn and thread and old charms and beads and sweetie papers and leftover bits of ring reinforcement stickers and tissue paper. The More the Merrier is what I say ...
I have cleverly (if I may say so myself) combined several things for the same letter. This one is called Ladybird on a Leaf with a Lime background. Well sort of lime anyway.
M is for Map and also for anairaM and Marbled paper. The map is of our local area - I live just off the top of the page! And the scottie dog was included just because it is cute. And also because people walk their dogs next to the railroad track. Nine Notes. I first wanted to make it Nine Nonsense Notes, but I couldn't find any nonsensical things to say. Jeez, can you believe it?
Oh. Oh!!! or Oh-oh! (It is my own drawing, I hope you like it ...)Pink and Purple Paisley.
Now my head is tired. Being creative is hard work!


Linda Sue said...

ANAIRAM! These are FABULOUS. All of them make me so happy and inspired! Since I blew out my wing I cannot felt. I think that I now know what I can do- attempt anyway. LOVE your drawing "OH!" These are awesome! delightful- I love your brain!

Dick said...

What wonderful collages, Anairam. I would have thought that they were fine examples of 'just enough' rather than MIM!

Esti said...

I like to see these processes of you... Some are very inspiring and tell a lot what a creative mind you have! :)

editor said...

i love love LOVE the "OH!"
that is wonderful.

kendalee said...

Long live MIM! Often a lot of (too much?) restraint exercised in other areas of our lives... Please let's hope creative gay abandon never needs to be reined in too. These are great! I love the oh and M :)

svetlana said...

I do agree you have the creative head. My own stuffy bear I finish this week and he is very nice. My other news is it is very cold now in Moskva.
With your book I like the little dog but please anairam to be careful when you walk on the railway. Remember the Great Tolstoi and Anna Karenina.

Anairam said...

Linda Sue - I am so glad you like them - that makes me very happy! PS I hope the "I love your brain" is meant in an un-Hannibal Lecter way, I really do!

Dick - You are too kind! I like your concept of the "just-enough" principle ... but it is so difficult to know when one has attained it! Just a smidgen more and one has ruined it ...

Esti - Thank you for your kind words - I so love your drawings! I want to learn to discipline myself to black and white only - even if just for one little project!

editor - Oh! OH! I am so happy that you like it! Yours and Esti's drawings/paintings are constant inspirations for me.

kendalee - I really agree with you there. I have to be so disciplined in my work, and so narrow in focus, that this arty-crafty stint of mine is a BLAST! I feel like a kiddy-winkle let loose in a toy-shop!

svetlana - Your concern is very sweet dear! But fear not for my safety - I am very careful when I cross the track and I do not have a pookles to walk every day. (If I had, I would have called him Tolstoy, which I think is quite a nice name for a dog, don't you think?) And what a tragic story that Anna Karenina is, oh dear! I blame it all on that damn clairvoyant!