Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fabric Project List

The success (which is how I've decided to view it) of my Paper Projects has prompted me to expand my horizon, spread my wings boldly and bravely, and attempt some Fabric Projects. (Well, fabric and wool.) Here are some of the beauties that have caught my eye, and that I want to try out over the next couple of months:
I wish I can remember where this is from, it is so cute. I'm thinking it could be a keyring, a decoration or maybe a mobile. Or something.

Okay, I know I can't make the dress or jacket. But I want to make some of those Round Fabric Thingies (they have a name, I know, but I seem not to have bothered to remember it). The outfit is from Pocka Booka via Design Sponge. I want to dolly up an old jersey with some RFTs.
Since I'm probably not going to get a real live puppy, I might as well make myself one of these. But not in green, I think. I mean, who wants a green puppy? Oh. Maybe this is not a puppy... (From ... oops, I don't know ...)
Now this seems super simple. I mean, even I will be able to make this doll. (From Fruenswerk2 if you look here)
Granny squares! Actually, I have some lovely off-white cotton yarn from Prince Albert. I want to crochet a cushion cover with it. (From Purlbee via evencleveland.) I'm pretty sure I should be able to do it. I did after all crochet a monstrous Purple Triffid brooch, didn't I?

You may recognise this one. It was on my Paper Projects list, until I read the instructions and I realized it's made out of fabric. (from How About Orange)

I'm quite keen on this lovely pompom conceived and created by the elegant and clever editor of Into Construction. Maybe I can try and make a tango version?Just love this doll from Inside A Black Apple! She is super-cute and it will be fun to try and make one. Just hoping Ms Mirabelle will not be too upset or jealous. Once again I promise to post the results of each of my projects. I can already hear Ms Mirabelle sniggering from inside the box where I'm storing her until proofreading season is over ...


Linda Sue said...

We call those roundies- yo-yo's and they are super easy to make!Love the dog (?) and the girl, but you know...MIRABELLE!!!

kendalee said...

I cannot WAIT to see the results of these projects! They all look so lovely. 'Specially like the RFTs and the door peep-hole decorative thingy!

Heather said...

I love your choices, the doll is really cute. And granny squares are crazy addictive, it's hard to stop at one!

Anonymous said...

The green thingy is indeed a dog - in fact that most rare of breeds: a pookle. They're only green,though, after eating too many cupcakes.And please note that the ears are sewn on incorrectly and should be turned through 90 degrees and flop gently outwards.

Anairam said...

linda sue - Oh, Mirabelle will survive, I'm sure. Anyway, I've got an entire Psychology text book of develomental theories to try out on her should she suffer any developmental trauma or sibling-related stress, haha!

kendalee - I think the RFT/yo-yo's will be first on my list, they look easy and I have an old thrifted jacket and an old jersey that can do with some pretty-ing up!

heather - You can come look at my results as long as you don't laugh! (or even giggle - remember that I can pick up a giggle across continents ...) I consider you to be the Supergirl of Knitting and Sewing, you know!

anonymous - Hey! So you are the famous Pookle Breeder! Thanks for visiting and for the corrections, I'll be sure to keep them in mind. (PS Is it true that pookles can levitate?)